Text 9 Dec

I feel so all alone

Text 9 Dec

If I didn’t have kids I would kill myself.

Text 3 Aug

I can’t make you love me if you don’t

Text 7 Jul Breaking Bad

Late to the party on this show. Wish the supporting cast was better. But, Brian Cranston carries this show!


you all suck. Just DIE and go away!!

Video 4 Jul 40 notes


What better way to celebrate than by burning down everything important to those around you.

Text 4 Jul Pain……

It hurts so much to miss out on my children’s lives. I can NEVER recover from this. I have no answer. I just feel pain and emptiness. My heart hurts for all that I have missed. They will never know! But I will die young because of it .

Video 1 Jul 3,628 notes


This is a series of sketches from Italian artist Denis Medri of Batman characters reimagined as rockabilly ones from the 1950’s.

Some pretty nifty Batman re-designs from Denis Medri!

Text 1 Jul You know what sucks?

Being forgotten by those you support, love and try your best for. That’s what sucks. Thanks kids. FOR NOTHING!

Photo 1 Jul 1,025 notes abaldwin360:

Another suggestion for those who want to leave America because of the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare

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